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hi i'm elzz and i'm a massive idiot~
the internet has consumed my soul
i post mainly anime here and just whatever appeals to me on my dashboard

because i am part of nearly every fandom possible and i love too many things you can click here to see a list of everything

but yeah i have no idea what i'm doing ever, so enjoy my blog idk
making friends would be really nice yup
i make rubbish videos on youtube c':

i was previously itwouldbedark aka the one with L in a santa hat and then i was yuki-kaji

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Destroy gender roles, not gender identity 

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public service announcement from someone who lives in Japan: 

the Avril Lavigne video is stupid and weaboo but it isn’t really racist

it was on the news here today and people just laughed, Japan isn’t over here pissed off

this has been a service announcement, you can stop speaking for the whole country now thanks

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NO.6 まとめ2

NO.6 まとめ2

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jean: it's a metaphor, you see. we make out and you give me a blowjob, but there's no homo.


my sister’s playing osu and my mum asked if it was a manga

your mum’s like molly

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